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Smash through your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Would you believe me if I told you that we all have infinite potential and that most of us spend our whole lives hiding from what we're capable of achieving?

It is more often than not our self-limiting beliefs that hold us back from reaching our true potential. Isn’t it crazy that we tell ourselves stories about what we can and can’t do and often these stories just aren’t true; they have no basis. We use them to protect ourselves because we’re scared of stepping into the unknown and feeling vulnerable but all we’re doing is stopping ourselves from achieving what we’re truly capable of. How do we reach our true potential? Well that’s the $1M question. I’m not suggesting it’s easy because, if it were, more of us would be doing it! But a good place to start is to become aware of what our self-limiting beliefs actually are. Remember beliefs are nothing more than thoughts we’ve had over and over again until they become beliefs. We no longer recognise them as thoughts; to us they just become the facts of our life. The frightening thing is most of our beliefs are so ingrained in us we aren’t even aware of them. Ask yourself these questions and see what comes up for you?

What do you believe about your life?

What do you believe about yourself? What are the lessons that your parents taught you? What do you believe about your dreams coming true? What do you belief about your ability to create what YOU want in your life? By answering these questions you’ll start to build up awareness of what you truly believe. Look at these beliefs in a totally non-judgemental and curious way. Start picking holes in them and question whether they are actually true and whether they are actually serving you and helping you achieve what you want from your life. Why are you continuing to believe these things about you that aren’t even true? What are these stories you're telling yourself holding you back from doing? This is powerful and life transforming stuff. I promise you!

If you want some guidance on how to smash through your self-limiting beliefs so you can start achieving what you truly want in your life then please click here to arrange a free mini coaching session.


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