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Certified Life Coach

I empower women to help themselves. To show them how to take charge of their life’s direction, and to discover who they are again.

Hi, I'm Rebecca

Are you at a crossroads and ready to discover the next chapter in your life? I’m a certified Life Coach, and I empower women to help themselves. I specialise in helping women who are ready to live their lives differently but are uncertain of which direction to follow or how they’re going to achieve their goals. Women who have spent years giving to other people, who are now ready to do something for themselves. Let me help you take charge of your life and re-discover who you truly are. I’ll guide you to build your confidence and feel empowered, so you can do amazing things, no matter what stage of life you’re at.  If you’re ready to feel motivated and excited about your life again and discover all of the possibilities that exist for you, then book a 45 min free consult today.


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